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Enviromental Policy

Creating green homes is more than just choosing environmentally friendly products. Green building is a complete philosophy with a goal to create energy efficient living spaces without compromising on quality or style.


By using various methods of eco friendly construction and green technologies, we can dramatically reduce long term household running costs and deliver countless benefits for both you and the environment.


With the continuing rise in energy costs designing your home to work efficiently will be one of the best decisions you will make during the designing process. Whether it’s a renovation, addition or a brand new custom home, greener is better.


A sustainably built home may look no different to a standard home, it is the positioning of materials and features that make a huge difference in the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of a home.


Capital Building & Design aim to use environmentally friendly construction methods and materials whenever possible.


  • Sustainable building designs

  • Water capture, saving and storage systems

  • Energy efficient heating, ventilation and air- conditioning

  • Insulation, including thermal mass regulations products

  • Energy efficient hot water systems including solar and heat pump systems

  • Energy efficient electrical appliances and lighting systems

  • The use of recycled building materials

  • The use of environmentally sustainable building materials

  • Sourcing building materials locally

  • Recycle any waste building materials

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